AMERICAN EMMY Award to “Captain Kangaroo” for Outstanding Children's Entertainment Series, with “The Toothbrush Family” a regular segment. "Once again, I would like to thank you for the part that you and your Toothbrush Family series played in that selection” - Joel Kososfsky, Producer, Captain Kangaroo


An AWGIE Award  for film "Molala Harai"


ITALIAN ROMA Award for Papua/ New Guinea film "Molala Harai"


AMERICAN Film Festival (N.Y.) Nomination for "The Story of the Southern Cross"


USA CHRIS Award – Columbus, Ohio for “The Story of the Southern Cross”


AWGIE Nomination: “Carmen” episode of “The Maestro’s Company” Series


AWGIE Nomination for CBS/”Toothbrush Family” – Best Original Series For Children


SWEDISH Film Festival – Best Children’s Film Script for “The Story of the Platypus”